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This brass sculpture shows Hanuman, who is a Hindu deity, and a keen devotee of the Lord Rama. He is a pivotal character in the Indian epic Ramayana. He is a ‘Vaanar’ (monkey-like humanoid). He participated in Lord Rama’s war against the demon Ravana. He is son of Lord Vayu (Air) and is also called ‘Pavan Putra’ – (son of air) and incarnation of Lord Shiva – The destroyer of all evils. According to the Hindi Epic Ramayana, during the battle between Lord Rama and Demon Ravana at Lanka, Lakshmana, younger brother of Lord Rama, was mortally wounded by Indrajeet, son of Ravana. To save his life, Hanuman was asked to travel to the Himalayas to find and bring the ‘Sanjeevani’ herb. As he was unable to identify the correct herb he pulled the whole mountain and took it to the battlefield to save Lakshamana. He is a symbol of extreme power and fearlessness, yet devoted to his Lord Ram. This statue shows him giving blessings with his right hand and holding a Mace (his weapon) in his left hand.

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